Thursday, 13 December 2012

Nails inc Soho Magnetic

Nails inc Soho Magnetic is a polish with attitude. The base colour is silver grey, however this is no ordinary polish as when the magnet which is in the lid is placed over it it creates an amazing fishnet pattern on the nail.Silver, grey, charcoal and black tones contributing to the 3D design you see which is best acheived if you apply a thin coat followed by a thick coat and immediately using the magnet whilst the polish is still stopping.


  1. Wow! I have to say I haven't seen a good pic of the fishnet magnetic yet but this is brilliant. I currently only own the 17 magnetics, I think the colours are pretty similar so I'll have to find myself a fishnet magnet :)
    You apply your polish sooo perfectly! <3

  2. Thanks Charlotte, haven't tried the 17 magnetics yet but love that there's different designs you can acheive for little effort x

  3. This looks so perfect on your nails, Vanessa! I can not get along with the fishnet magnet, my nails are far too curved! xx

    1. Thanks Anna, it's the only design I've tried so far but hope to get my hands on the star pattern at some point I'm guessing that may blend better on curved nails? Fun trying though x

  4. Wow! It looks great. I've tried magnetic nail polish only once in my life and it was a totally disaster! lol

  5. Thanks Cristina, it was only my second go and found the following tips I'd got from others great...Shake bottle well, apply first coat thin, apply second coat to 1 nail thickly then immediately hold magnet over for 10 secs, then do the next nail until they're all done...go on give it another go it's fun trying!!!x