Friday, 22 February 2013

NOPI All Kendalled-Up

Here's the second from the NOPI Kardashians collection I got at the weekend All Kendalled-Up. To be honest the first one only lasted a day on my nails as I wasn't sure it suited so here's one much more to my personal taste. I love hot pink polishes and this one's a beaut. It's a great cream high gloss hot pink which applies very smoothly and is full coverage in 2 coats so gets the thumbs up from me. This one will definately make it past the it.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Nicole by OPI Kim-Pletely In Love

OK so I don't really do nudes as some of you will know but when I picked up the Nicole by OPI Kardashians Kolor collection at the weekend thought I'd give it a go. Kim-Pletely In Love is basically a pink sheer with tiny particles of green, silver, blue and lilac which although looks pretty in sunlight is too much of an understated colour for me. I built it up with base, 4 coats of colour and top coat but alas it's still sheer...never mind onto the next one!

Friday, 15 February 2013

OPI Suzi's Hungary AGAIN!

OPI Suzi's Hungary AGAIN! is the 2nd polish I've got for you from the much loved by me Euro collection. It's a beautiful salmon pink which is bold enough to be noticed, and was even commented on by my visit to the bank today so I know it's a winner! It says Thank goodness there are zero calories in this warm and yummy pink! and is very similar to my all time favourite LD's Just Perfect so of course I love this one and think it will look even better in the Summer.

Friday, 8 February 2013

OPI You're such a Budapest

OPI You're such a Budapest is from their Euro Centrale collection which launched 2 days ago. It's the collection I've most been looking foward to and it doesn't disappoint. This polish is a periwinkle blue/purple and is perfect for those of us who can't wait for spring as it's so cheerful. It says If I let you borrow this periwinkle-purple, will you go away?  I'm not sure I'll be letting this one out of my sight it's so gorgeous!

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

OPI DS Classic

OPI DS Classic is a great neutral with a twist. It's from their Designer series and is infused with diamond dust which makes it dazzle on the nails. It's an elegant shimmer of rose beige which has holographic qualities and looks amazing in sunlight. This collection applies so easily to give the smooth finish we are all after, perfect for those of us who are looking for that something extra special in a polish...I'll be hunting out some more to add to my collection!