Monday, 28 January 2013

Leighton Denny Steel Appeal

Leighton Denny Steel Appeal is in fact Leightons favourite from his range so far. It is as dark as grey gets before it becomes black. It's a charcoal with tiny multidimensional multicoloured particles which give it it's depth and enable it to glisten rather than being a flat colour. I have tipped it with I am Diva siver glitter to contrast and give it a touch of bling!


  1. Oh that's so pretty and sophisticated Vanessa! Your nails are looking lovely. I am tempted to try square myself, looks so good on your nails. Do you find it easy to have that shape? I've always had mine just naturally rounded. xx

    1. Funny how we all seem to stick with one shape as it's the only one I've ever had, think about changing mine too but haven't been brave enough yet! If I get a break (which I did 2 weeks ago and decided to cut them all down to match) it's always a corner that goes, yours look lovely rounded but as they're so beautifully long guess you'd have to trim them down to go square...I'll keep checking to see what you do!!!xx

    2. Yeah I'd have to trim a few mm which I don't like the thought of while I'm growing them. Aw thanks Vanessa, maybe I'll keep them that shape, even if it isn't the most fashionable! Which shape were you thinking of? I love square on you but I'm sure others would look great too (just don't do pointed! lol!) xx

    3. No not pointed I'm never sure how people don't poke their eyes out with them lol ! Think yours look fab shape x